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Official year 2016 competition and events schedule

2016 Lithuanian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship (FAI 2)
February 13th - 16th, Trakai (reserve place - Paluknys Airfield). Organizer - LSPSF.
Registered pilots (50) | Registration is over

reserve place - Paluknys Airfield

Lithuanian hang gliding championship 1st leg - Krymcevo Cup
April 23rd - 24th, Organizer - BSSK.
Stratus Cup (Lithuanian Flatland League competition)
May 7th - 8th, Čekiškė. Organizer - ASK Stratus.
Lithuanian hang gliding championship 2nd leg - Vilnius Cup
May 14th - 15th, Valkininkai. Organizer - Hang gliding pilots club.
Registered pilots (8) | Registration is over

reserve date: 11th-12th June

Aukštaitija Cup (Lithuanian Flatland League competition)
May 21st - 22nd, Panevėžys district. Organizer - SK Saulės skrydis and SK Panevėžio parasparniai.
Registered pilots (42) | Registration is over

reserve date: 28th-29th May

LSK Light Cup - JPL leg
May 27th - 29th, Klabiniai. Organizer - LSK club.
Registered pilots (12) | Registration is over

reserve dates: 3rd-5th June

Vilnius Cup (Lithuanian Flatland League competition, FAI 2)
June 24th - 26th, Ukmergė district. Organizer - LSK and Sparno broliai.
Lithuanian hang gliding championship 3rd leg - Utena Cup
June 24th - 26th, Organizer - Hang gliding pilots club.

reserve date: 2nd-3rd July

Arcus Light Cup - JPL leg
June 24th - 26th, Organizer - club Arcus.
Registered pilots (6) | Registration is over
5th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship
July 10th - 17th, Paluknys Airfield. Organizer - LSPSF.
Lithuanian Paragliding Championship (XC)
August 1st - 6th, Krusevo (Macedonia). Organizer - LSPSF.
Arcus Cup (Lithuanian Flatland League competition, FAI 2)
August 13th - 15th, Organizer - club Arcus.
Panevėžys Cup (Lithuanian Flatland League competition)
September 3rd - 4th, Panevėžys Airfield. Organizer - Panevėžys aeroclub.

reserve date: 10th-11th September

Lithuanian Flatland League - 5 legs
May 7th - September 11th, whole Lithuania. Organizer - LSPSF.
March 1st - November 30th, whole Lithuania. Organizer - LSPSF.
Trip to Brunico
March 18th - 27th, Brunico (Italy). Organizer - club Arcus.
SIV courses
April 29th - May 8th, Oludeniz (Turkey). Organizer - club Arcus.
Training camp.
June 15th - 26th, Valkininkai. Organizer - club Arcus.
SIV LT - 1st serie
July 1st - 3rd, Dysnai. Organizatorius - klubas Arcus.

rezerve date: 22nd-24th July

Trip to Slovenian Alps.
August 19th - 28th, Tolmin (Slovenia). Organizer - club Arcus.
SIV LT - 2nd serie
September 2nd - 4th, Dysnai. Organizatorius - klubas Arcus.

reserve date: 9th-11th September

Trip to France Alps.
September 16th - 25th, Saint-Vincent-les-Forts (France). Organizer - club Arcus.
Trip to South America
October 15th - 30th, Organizer - club Arcus.
Trip to Tenerife
November 16th - 26th, Tenerife (Spain). Organizer - club Arcus.